2011 Annual Report

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    • To help the world grow the food it needs — that's the mission of The Mosaic Company. We believe in it. It inspires our decisions. But fulfilling that mission and achieving our success doesn't just happen...

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    • Over the 30 years of my career in agriculture, the visibility and appreciation for Mosaic's mission has increased dramatically. Agriculture is entering a new green revolution, emerging as one of the global...

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    • To help the world grow the food it needs — that's the mission of The Mosaic Company. We believe in it. It inspires our decisions. But fulfilling that mission and achieving our success doesn't just happen...

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    • Our goal is to be globally known as the best crop nutrition company. Achieving this recognition takes ambition and accountability to the stakeholders...

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    • Our core values of sustainability and safety, combined with our portfolio of phosphate and potash, our financial strength and our unparalleled global reach help us to achieve our goal of being recognized as the best...

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    • Unlocking the opportunities of a global market takes real-time insights — the kind you only get from having your own presence in the world's major agricultural...

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    • James T. Prokopanko, James "Joc" O'Rourke, Linda K. Thrasher, Gary "Bo" N. Davis, Richard N. McLellan, Norman B. Beug, Lawrence W. Stranghoener, Richard L. Mack, Cindy C. Redding

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    • Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations, Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, Consolidated Statements of Earnings...

During fiscal 2011, we took significant steps in reducing our environmental footprint. Through electrical cogeneration at our Florida and Louisiana facilities, which traps the heat generated by production and transforms it into electricity, we reached a significant milestone — we now produce approximately 1.6 million megawatts per year of clean, zero-emission energy from cogeneration.

Since 2005, we have reduced direct primary energy consumption in our U.S. operations by 21 percent. Total global greenhouse gas emissions during this period were reduced by approximately 11 percent, even though production increased over the same period. In fact, greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of product produced have decreased by 16 percent since 2005. By 2015, our Phosphates business unit aims to generate as much electricity from carbon-free cogeneration sources as our facilities use on an annual basis.

Land reclamation is another key focus of our sustainability platform. Our Phosphates reclamation team, composed of dozens of biologists, engineers and other professionals, creates fully functioning, post-mining landscapes that fulfill a range of uses. Our Phosphates business reclaims every acre it mines, acre for acre, type by type, whether it be wetland, upland or pasture.

We also encourage local economic development on reclaimed land, while preserving sensitive lands and waters. Streamsong, a resort, conference and golf venue that Mosaic is constructing on approximately 16,000 acres of formerly mined phosphate land in Central Florida, will enhance wildlife habitat, create recreational amenities and help the local economy. In addition, Mosaic owns more than 21,000 acres on which we have a proposed, committed or executed conservation easement to ensure the long-term protection of particularly sensitive lands and waters. In total, Mosaic has more than 36,000 acres that are classed as preservation, floodplain or easement.

The protection of water quality and quantity in our manufacturing process is another key focus for Mosaic. For example, we reuse or recycle approximately 95 percent of all water used in our Phosphates business unit and more than 82 percent in our Potash business unit. We have a large engineering staff that continually monitors water use and quality, ensuring that we meet or exceed all regulatory standards. We continue to refine our long-term water strategy, constantly investigating new opportunities to reduce the use of groundwater and better serve the environment.

Mosaic gave back to the community at record levels in fiscal 2011 including $5.5 million to the Shock Trauma Air Rescue Society, supporting the development of an emergency medical helicopter service in Saskatchewan, Canada.