At Xilinx, we don't just sell silicon or software. We sell solutions. In addition to maintaining our market leadership in density and performance, we recognize that developing solutions for our customers demands our undivided attention. We focus continuously on providing our customers with the most innovative, optimal solutions for today's technologies, allowing them to get to volume production faster. With four architectures and more than 800 different device/package/speed combinations, Xilinx can respond to a wide variety of customers' needs. No other programmable logic supplier can match Xilinx's diversification of FPGA and EPLD products. Furthermore, our new graphically-based, user friendly software will shorten a design engineer's learning curve and dramatically improve productivity.

Long-term success in meeting customer needs requires more than a strong product portfolio, engineering talent and financial resources. It demands a clear vision, intimate knowledge of customer requirements, and the ability to react to rapid changes in technology and the business environment.

At Xilinx, our focus is on programmable logic and programmable logic only. Xilinx possesses both the resources and the vision necessary to be a long-term strategic partner with our customers. We will continue to identify customer requirements and to develop logic solutions to meet these needs.

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