The Xilinx Success Story

Silicon Graphics Inc. is a leader in high performance workstations and one of the innovators in the emerging multimedia market. According to Kirk Law, Video Hardware Manager, "We needed a technology with the integration benefits of a masked programmed gate array without the non-recurring charges and development time. Xilinx FPGAs were the answer we were looking for in order to produce these unique, special effect graphics."


Xilinx: The Logic Solution for Technology Leaders

PictureTel Corporation is the world leader in videoconferencing. According to Steve Cummings, Vice President, Engineering, "The competitive demand on manufacturers to bring higher quality products to market more quickly and at a lower cost prompted PictureTel to select Xilinx. By using their parts we were able to reduce time-to-market, increase productivity and eliminate costly rework."


Winning the Race to Volume Production

HP Test & Measurement Organization is the world's leading supplier of communications test equipment. Multiple Xilinx chips are used in HP's100VG-AnyLAN Development System which identifies the origin of design problems in local area networks. Using the HP System, engineers can reproduce the problem, obtain the required data and resolve the problem in a timely manner. According to Steve Tursich, Design Engineer, "Xilinx parts made it possible for us to introduce the first test product of its kind. Staying on schedule was critical to this project. Being first to market was essential to our marketing program. Thank you Xilinx."


Reconfigurability is Our First Name

In the telecommunications industry, Motorola's Cellular Infrastructure Group must deal with rapidly changing cellular standards around the world. The reprogrammable benefits of Xilinx FPGAs help Motorola provide the flexibility to meet these various standards -- while minimizing the number of unique components. Instead of many distinct parts, a few FPGA devices can be reprogrammed to perform any of the multiple functions needed.


We Don't Sell Silicon or Software, We Sell Solutions

Cabletron Systems, Inc., the world's leading supplier of intelligent hubs for local and wide area networking applications, used Xilinx devices in its next generation MMAC-Plus product. According to Christopher Oliver, Cabletron's Director of Manufacturing and Engineering, Cabletron chose Xilinx based largely on three factors: a corporate commitment to surround Cabletron with the highest level of support, a broad base of silicon products and Xilinx's use of VHDL and synthesis software tools.


Expanding the Market Through Cost Improvements

EMC Corporation is a leading manufacturer of advanced data storage products. According to John Quinn, Senior Engineer, "By using Xilinx devices, EMC was able to reduce product development time, resulting in greater productivity and increased market share for EMC."

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