Xilinx's customers are among the fastest growing companies in today's marketplace. In this report, you'll meet some of these companies. You'll read, in their own words, how Xilinx's innovative products are helping them to grow and prosper.

Xilinx's products are bought by a large and diverse base of more than 5,000 customers worldwide who address a broad range of end equipment segments. Approximately 60% of our North American sales come from datacom, telecom and networking applications. The remaining 40% of sales is split among industrial and instrumentation products, military uses, and other assorted applications.

The digital highway is heading in our direction. Clearly, the race is on. As the development of this new communications infrastructure accelerates, the marketplace will reward those companies that seize the initiative early. The opportunities for emerging new applications are numerous, but the competitive terrain is treacherous.

Xilinx has a distinct advantage since we are an established supplier to all segments of the emerging global communications network. When technology shifts occur, the versatility of Xilinx programmable logic devices benefits customers' changing needs. In the networking area, our products are used in routers, token ring and ethernet adapter cards, hubs, and ATM switches. They also are used in modems and workstations; video file servers and ATM switches at the cable headend; and in large central office switches which connect to network interface units, which are, in turn, connected to wireless base stations or to residential subscribers' cable set top boxes. Xilinx devices are used in all these products that comprise the rapidly growing global communications network. The potential number of applications for Xilinx products is virtually limitless.

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