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On the following pages we will tell you more about how business and science intersect in four elements critical to our continued growth: developing and bringing to market leading edge technologies, identifying and serving the right markets, providing uncompromising customer service, and making intelligent additions to our product offerings. But first, it may be helpful to take a quick refresher course on exactly what our business is.

In broad terms, Waters and its subsidiaries provide the tools (instrumentation, software,
consumables and customer support) that make very specific analytical measurements, and then turn these data into usable information. The technologies we provide scientists – HPLC, thermal analysis and mass spectrometry – supply information on the chemical composition, material properties and structural profiles of natural and synthetic substances.
This information allows scientific professionals – chemists, biochemists, and materials scientists – to make better decisions about the directions their research should take. Or it tells them that their chemical formulations are identical, batch after
batch, year after year. It lets them know, with precision, if there is something in their product that does not belong there. Our technologies are used on a daily basis by pharmaceutical, food, beverage,
chemical and industrial companies, as well as government agencies, universities and research institutes.


As of the end of last year,
Waters’ stock price had increased more than 150%
since its I.P.O. in November of 1995.

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) How technological breakthroughs end up on the bottom line

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) Analyzing where and how to find new markets

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) The right chemistry for getting and keeping customers

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) To us, science is a business and business is a science

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