1997 Annual Report
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Waters Corporation   (NYSE: WAT) is the world’s leading supplier of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrumentation and consumables, as well as thermal analysis and mass spectrometry (MS) products. Around the world, WatersŪ products are used by pharmaceutical, industrial, university and government research & development, quality assurance and environmental testing laboratories. For these customers, we provide technology that gives scientists fundamental data on chemical mixtures and materials. Then, by turning these analytical data into useful information,
we help scientists understand the complexities of chemistry and life itself.

Letter to Shareholders

1997 Financial Highlights


Discovering the molecular structure for managed growth

... an intersection of business and science

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) How technological breakthroughs end up on the bottom line

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) Analyzing where and how to find new markets

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) The right chemistry for getting and keeping customers

3d_lb.gif (95 bytes) To us, science is a business and business is a science