When you add it all up, the reason chemists turn to us is perfectly clear.
Waters customer loyalty has reached new heights. Our huge installed base of customers continues to drive revenue. That’s because we anticipate our customers’ needs and have the know-how, drive and dedication to develop new solutions that will meet those needs. In fact, we’ve brought more innovative new products to market than any other company in our field. Over the past five years alone, we’ve successfully launched a series of major new products including the market-leading Alliance® HPLC systems, Oasis® sample preparation products, MassLynx™ software and Empower™ software, Q Series™ thermal analysis and XTerra® column brands. We’ve also successfully taken existing products and combined them in novel ways, increasing both the uses and the demand for them. Waters is also home to Micromass® mass spectrometry brands, significantly expanding our mass spectrometry knowledge base and product line. This is allowing us to accelerate and optimize the convergence of HPLC and MS technologies with products such as MassLynx software, Q-Tof,™ ZQ™ and Quattro micro™ brands. It’s also what gives us the experience and expertise to drive MS innovation further every day. Thanks to these products and the innovative minds behind them, we’re enabling thousands of researchers around the world to be more innovative and productive. And with each new product we provide, innovative ideas for new solutions are being
stimulated and new opportunities for growth are being born.