Our solutions not only increase productivity, they also raise expectations.
Reliability, speed and accuracy are absolutely critical during all phases of the discovery, development and manufacturing process, particularly for companies operating in regulated industries. Any shortcomings during these processes can significantly handicap a lab’s productivity. This not only costs both time and money, for some labs, but it could also cost them their businesses. Our solutions significantly reduce time-to-market and laboratory operating costs. They seamlessly link together critical instrumentation, chemistries and separation technologies to provide the most efficient means of extracting the information scientists and researchers need–faster, more accurately and without fear of system failure. They can run twenty-four hours day, seven days a week and achieve the highest level of accuracy. That’s why they are setting the industry benchmark for performance in MS, HPLC and thermal analysis tech-nologies. For example, our new software algorithms impart forms of “intel-ligence” into our solutions, allowing them to carry out complex tasks.