The real value of our company lies in the high-value answers we provide.
Waters’ industry-leading high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), mass spectrometry (MS), thermal analysis (TA) and rheology products and services are synonymous with quality and performance in analytical labs around the world. Today, we enjoy the highest market share in each major product category and the demand for our offerings has never been greater. Pricing pressures, intense competition and strict regulatory demands are challenging scientists and researchers to make important breakthroughs faster and more efficiently. Increasing productivity in their labs has become paramount. That’s why some of today’s highest-growth, highly regulated industries–pharmaceutical, life science, biochemical and environmental–have all turned to Waters for help. We’re the only total-solutions provider of instruments, software,
consumables and support services in the industry that can meet all of their needs across the entire spectrum, from research to development to quality control. Our products provide the highest-quality information per analysis possible. Together, our research tools and information networks create “sample-to-knowledge converters.” These allow researchers to extract important information from sample analyses and make critical decisions with unparalleled speed, reliability and accuracy. And growth in the industries we serve hasn’t nearly reached its full potential. As new challenges and
problems continue to arise, we’ll continue to provide the solutions
scientists and researchers need to meet them.