Financial Highlights    

Financial Highlights

Key Messages from Xilinx Management

Xilinx pioneered the market for field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) and is the market and technology leader of programmable logic. Xilinx understands the design and application of programmable logic more completely than any other company, and offers more comprehensive solutions for its customers around the world. 

Xilinx delivers the world’s most comprehensive PLD solutions, based on the programmable logic industry’s most aggressive technology roadmap for increasing gate densities and device speeds. Xilinx is also slashing the cost per gate at lower densities with high-volume FPGAs and in-system programmable CPLD solutions. 

IC process leadership enables Xilinx to offer the industry’s highest-density FPGA, ship the industry’s first 0.35 micron FPGAs, and plan for the first 0.25 micron FPGAs. AS Xilinx pushes gate densities higher, it also increases the speed and reduces the prices of lower-density devices. 

Xilinx sets the pace of innovation. Xilinx employs the most advanced IC manufacturing technology and is developing a revolutionary new logic architecture for high-density FPGAs. Xilinx design software is based on the most advanced electronic design automation technology in the industry today. 

Xilinx provides everything customers need to succeed with programmable logic. Xilinx mixed-voltage FPGAs combine high performance with unmatched flexibility. Xilinx software solutions include proprietary and third-party design solutions and ready-to-use logic cores. Xilinx field engineers consult on all aspects of programmable logic. 

Xilinx is the industry’s most valued solution provider. No one else delivered Xilinx’s high level of consulting, service and support – around the clock, around the world. As programmable logic comes of age, Xilinx is the strategic choice of the world’s mot innovative logic designers and manufacturers.


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