2022 Annual Report

Digital adoption is making a material impact in our industry, reducing cycle times and risk, accelerating returns, and increasing productivity while lowering costs and carbon emissions. Customers are adopting our industry-leading digital platform and edge solutions in the field to solve new challenges and improve operational performance.

As the established industry leader in software, more than 85 percent of the world’s top-100 oil and gas producers depend upon one or more of our software applications. Early on, we saw the emerging digital opportunity and introduced the industry’s first integrated cloud platform, Delfi™, in 2017. The Delfi platform provides data coverage across the full upstream value chain. It connects the key processes through exploration, development, and production, and it connects our customers’ planning activities on the cloud to their operations on the edge.

On this data foundation, we’ve built a secure environment, connecting users to one another for collaboration across boundaries and to our industry-leading engines and simulators, which leverage the power of cloud computing to drive transformational levels of efficiency.

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Since launch, we have acquired more than 260 customers, 65 of which were added in 2022. In March 2022, we announced an enterprise-wide deployment of our Delfi cognitive E&P environment for ConocoPhillips to bring its reservoir engineering modeling, data and workflows to the cloud.

In September 2022, we commercially launched the SLB Enterprise Data Solution, which is powered by Microsoft Energy Data Services. Aligned with the OSDU™ Technical Standard—a new open industry standard for energy data—this solution makes subsurface data accessible on an unprecedented scale to accelerate data-driven decision making at all levels of an organization.

Customers are realizing that partnerships are critical to unlock the value from their own proprietary workflows and intellectual property. As we increase the range of our apps on the cloud, we’re demonstrating that a fully integrated ecosystem of data, platform, and apps can unlock tremendous value for our customers’ businesses. In September 2022, we launched a Digital Platform Partner Program, which will allow independent software vendors to leverage the openness and extensibility of SLB’s digital platform to build new applications and software and offer them to the market.

In 2022, SLB also expanded its Innovation Factori network with the opening of new centers in Houston, USA; Oslo, Norway; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; and Abu Dhabi, UAE, bringing our total network to six centers worldwide. Through Innovation Factori, customers can turn promising concepts into fully deployed, enterprise-scale AI and digital solutions that extract maximum value from data.

Opportunities to leverage our digital platform extend beyond oil and gas to adjacent markets like carbon, where major capability gaps prevent reliable emissions insight across global operations in hard-to-abate industries such as chemicals, utilities, cement, and steel. A great deal of what we have built in Delfi can be tailored to deliver an open and extensible digital sustainability platform, which will enable companies to collect, measure, report and verify their emissions, while also evaluating different decarbonization pathways.

Saudi Aramco is the first industry partner to collaborate with us on this initiative to deliver a digital sustainability ecosystem that will enable global organizations to manage their carbon emissions and realize ambitious sustainability goals.

In September, SLB’s Digital Forum brought together more than 1,250 industry leaders, domain experts, and digital professionals and showcased the power of digital to accelerate the industry’s transformation.

We are at an inflection point, and Digital is helping us solve the challenge of energy affordability, sustainability, and security, supporting our Core and New Energy growth engines.


Delivering data-driven
solutions at scale

We are continuing to accelerate adoption of our digital platform to expand coverage across the entire technical workforce of our industry, including the subsurface, where SLB is the recognized global leader in modeling and simulation.

In 2022, we formed a strategic partnership with Cognite to integrate SLB's Enterprise Data Solution for subsurface with Cognite Data Fusion®, Cognite's leading open industrial DataOps platform, that will enable customers to integrate data from reservoirs, wells, and facilities in a single, open platform, and leverage embedded AI and advanced analytics tools to optimize production, reduce costs, and decrease operational footprint.

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“Together, we will make vast quantities of data easily available for customers to use and innovate at scale quickly, to increase production, improve financial performance, and achieve sustainability goals.”

Rajeev Sonthalia
President, Digital & Integration