2022 Annual Report

Our global scale is core to who we are. With a workforce of nearly 100,000, SLB serves more than 2,000 active customers across more than 100 countries. This footprint fueled our success in 2022 and has positioned us for continued outperformance in all operating areas moving forward.

Global power, local solutions

SLB’s fit-for-basin technology solutions bring global engineering capabilities to the local level with custom solutions for each operating area. This expertise generates a competitive advantage and drives higher value for our customers.

In the world’s largest gas field in Qatar, we developed a custom logging-while-drilling tool. It saves Qatar Gas several days of rig time per well– contributing tens of millions in savings. This type of solution is only possible through the unique combination of our deep global domain knowledge and our understanding of the local reservoir challenge.

And we’re just getting started. For example, in the US land market, technology access for the directional drilling market has grown steadily over the last three years, and today it’s almost equivalent in size to our traditional service business, effectively doubling our share of this highly fragmented marketplace.

At SLB, customer relationships run deep. With more than 60 manufacturing sites and a robust supply chain network, we’ve been manufacturing for decades in Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, and many other non-traditional manufacturing centers. These relationships unlock new opportunities and value, allowing us to invest in the communities where we live and work.

This is evident in our commitment to In Country Value programs around the world. These programs help us build local talent where our customers are and contribute to regional energy security, GDP diversification, and supply chain integration.

Woman working on assumbly line with automation

“Our diverse, powerful team is fully ready and committed to deliver. For our customers, for you, our shareholders, and for our planet—with integrity and purpose.”

Carmen Rando Bejar
Chief People Officer

Unrivaled reach

We’re proud to be the world’s most trusted energy development partner. Our broad reach, confidence, and performance provide us unique access to strategic initiatives across the globe. As countries chart their own paths for energy transition under the Paris Agreement, the most successful partners will deploy technology close to the end user—and SLB is ready to help them meet their goals.

Our strongest asset

One unique advantage continues to differentiate SLB and propel us as a global force: our people. Across the globe, our diverse team of pioneering scientists, engineers, leaders, and innovators finds new ways to better our world and business while enjoying and nurturing a culture of inclusivity.

With our inspiring new identity, ambitious decarbonization activities, and ability to scale innovation, our employee value proposition is stronger than ever, and it shows in our talent engagement. In 2022, we recruited upwards of 10,000 employees, and applications reached a historic high of more than 300,000.

As a global technology leader, we offer an environment of continuous challenge and development alongside the most talented and diverse team of experts in any industry.