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Center for Digital Innovation

To create the same digital environment in elementary and secondary classrooms that is emerging outside of school, McGraw-Hill Education has created a Center for Digital Innovation (CDI). The Center is focused on developing digital platforms that are customized by state standards, district requirements, and teacher and student needs for individualized instruction. Programs are designed to help teach 21st century skills through high-level critical thinking and the many different ways to use the Internet—skills essential in today’s knowledge-based global economy.

To help all students acquire the skills they need, the Center is dedicated to supporting and promoting the four pillars of a solid academic foundation:

  • Data-driven instruction/learning to enable schools to analyze data and develop the best instructional methods for each individual
  • Intervention to help educators identify students at risk for poor learning outcomes and intervene early enough to make a difference
  • Literacy skill development to give individuals the ability to reach their full potential through targeted instructional reading and intervention programs
  • Cognitive learning approaches that are adapted to each learner’s aptitude and intelligence enabling educators to support individuals at the point of need

McGraw-Hill Education is helping accelerate the development of these necessary 21st century skills(1):

  • Creativity and collaboration
  • Critical thinking and problem solving
  • Understanding of global issues and the ability to communicate and collaborate across all geographical and cultural boundaries
  • Life-long learning habits to ensure adaptability to rapidly changing work environments
  • The ability to harness the power of a variety of media and information technologies

(1) List of skills taken primarily from Partnership for 21st Century Skills literature

Innovative Solutions, Greater Customization

Led by an experienced team of former educators, expert engineers, and instructional designers, the Center is developing innovative, all-digital instructional programs that provide teachers with greater customization to enhance instruction and help students acquire the skills they need.

eSuite packages for Everyday Mathematics and Imagine It!

The Center is designing the digital components for McGraw-Hill’s instructional programs, including Everyday Mathematics
and Imagine It!

Everyday Mathematics’ online eSuite offers pre-K–6
teachers and students fully integrated resources, including:

  • ePlanner: Lesson materials are online which saves teachers time when planning
  • Assessment Management System: Identifies student and class progress
  • Interactive Student Reference Books: Includes “Show Me” animations which visually explain math concepts step-by-step

Imagine It! is a pre-K–6 reading and language arts program that combines the strength of proven, research-based instruction with explicit instruction and practice in the five key areas of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency.

  • Online activities: Teachers, students, and parents can find engaging online activities for students to practice anytime, anywhere as well as support for reading practice
Everyday Mathematics Web site   Imagine It! Web site

All-Digital Curriculum and Instruction for the Classroom

Planet Turtle Web site   planet turtle logo
Planet Turtle is the first mathematics instructional system that engages children as much as video games. The program’s interactivity captures the attention of pre-K–3 students while building their computational fluency. Students:
  • Customize their own turtle character to navigate through Planet Turtle and compete in two-player games as part of a meaningful learning experience
  • Practice math skills aligned with curriculum standards
  • Automatically receive individualized content in response to individual performance
  • Learn collaborative skills by working together to solve problems

planet turtle logo
CINCH Mathematics is a complete K-6 math curriculum that uses the power of interactive whiteboards and versatile online capabilities to engage all students in learning. This all-digital program offers:

  • Animated tools that help teach math concepts
  • Engaging math skills practice
  • Targeted instruction
  • An individual action plan that helps organize a student to prepare better for lessons and tests
  CINCH Mathematics Web site
CINCH Project Web site   planet turtle logo
CINCH Project takes collaborative learning to a new Web 2.0 level. Teachers are now able to offer an educational experience in line with today’s technological realities to better prepare their students for the emerging 21st century workplace. CINCH Project helps:
  • Build classroom learning communities
  • Enable collaboration in active, engaged content learning
  • Develop critical thinking, collaborative strategies, and
    problem-solving skills
  • Grow self-directed learners