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Anytime, Anywhere Learning

The integration of content, technology, and distribution offers significant opportunities for growth in a rapidly changing world. McGraw-Hill Education is answering the demand for anytime, anywhere learning and is improving the learning experience while helping students acquire 21st century skills.

Global demand for U.S. content in higher education remains strong, especially in the business disciplines and in engineering and computer science, and McGraw-Hill content is used throughout the world through export, adaptation, and translation programs. McGraw-Hill Education is also producing digital products for the global higher education market.

While the delivery of core instructional course content is still overwhelmingly print, the development of new online study tools is rapidly gaining traction in higher education. The nearly universal access to high-speed Internet service by North America’s higher education student population is giving rise to new online study applications that are increasing students’ efficiency and efficacy in their courses.

Online formative assessments (interactive study tools and self-quizzing) mimic what students do in a paper-pencil environment but allow the collection of performance data for immediate and accurate feedback to the student. The same data are cumulated for the instructor, allowing far more precise assessment of how well the whole class is mastering the content and allowing instructors to adjust instruction mid-course.

McGraw-Hill Education is producing adaptive tools (“intelligent software”), which have even greater potential to individualize feedback to students and improve learning outcomes.

A growing lineup of new digital offerings open up new revenue opportunities for McGraw-Hill Education and will shift the business model from the traditional one-time unit sale to more advantageous subscription-based revenue.

95% of McGraw-Hill’s higher education textbooks can be downloaded from CourseSmart, a common industry eBook platform that standardizes delivery for students and instructor

Estimated Higher Education Industry Sales of U.S. Publishers

Online Courses—Meeting Students Where They Are Today

Online courses enable college students and working adults to take standard courses anytime, anywhere. Most traditional postsecondary institutions are increasing their offerings of fully online courses, and a number of totally online schools are emerging in the for-profit sector.

McGraw-Hill’s instructional design enables its online courses to be used in an exclusively online program or in a blended learning environment that leverages the best of traditional and innovative online learning solutions.

More than one in five college students is taking at least one course online

Source: 2008 Sloan Survey of Online Learning

Webpage from McGraw-Hill’s online courses for college and university students  
Understanding Business Online enhances learning by delivering key course concepts in an online, interactive format.
  • Course is aligned to the market-leading textbook,
    Understanding Business, by Nickels, McHugh, and
    McHugh (McGraw-Hill)
  • Augments but does not replace a textbook
  • Supports different learning styles through animations,
    graphics, streaming video, and interactive activities
  • Allows instructors to customize content with a modular
    topic and objective-based format

Connect. Learn. Succeed.

A robust new platform for college faculty and students, McGraw-Hill ConnectTM bridges the printed page with a dynamic online learning environment. From practice questions and homework problems to quizzes and exams—McGraw-Hill Connect integrates media-rich e-books, study tools, and assessments all in one place. McGraw-Hill Connect can be integrated with course management systems such as Blackboard.

McGraw-Hill ConnectTM is offered in many disciplines across the higher education curriculum

Media-Rich eBooks

The Art of Public Speaking by Stephen Lucas is the market’s leading textbook in its field. As students read the book online, linked icons in Connect Lucas guide them to embedded media-rich interactive features, including a complete media and research library, study aids, speech preparation, and assessment tools. The online version provides flexibility, allowing Connect Lucas to be updated with new speeches all the time, keeping course content timely and relevant.


  Video from President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Address
Online assessment for a student in Biology 101  

Online Formative Assignments
Instructors can assign problems, quizzes, and other homework online.

  • Students receive immediate feedback
  • Instructors have better insight into how well the class is mastering the content and allows instructors to adjust instruction mid-course

Videos, Animations, Simulations, and Audio Files
Information is transformed into content students will study, retain, and understand with mastery.

Lecture Capture
Instructors can record and assign their class lectures to students as tagged, searchable content. Students can replay specific portions of any lecture by simply searching on a key word or phrase.

Speech Capture
Students in public speaking courses can upload video recordings of their speeches. Instructors watch the speech online and insert evaluations at precise points. This tool integrates the student’s video and instructor’s critiques all in one place.

  McGraw-Hill Connect’s online library of videos, animations, simulations, and audio files