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Fact Book 2009/2010
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Secondary School Adoption Schedule

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Secondary School Adoption Schedule

Source: AAP School Division/NASTA


Elementary adoptions are for grades K-6, unless otherwise noted

Secondary adoptions are for grades 6-12, unless otherwise noted

Schedules are subject to change. 2008 and 2009
bid years are in effect. 2010 to 2014 bid years
reflect assumptions from various sources
including state websites. Except for Bid Year
2009/Purchase Year 2010, all other calls by
South Carolina are tentative

Italics indicate Spanish-language program







Selected titles

Some states bid separately on, or some combination of, Reading, English/Language Arts, and Literature programs. These states may be listed under more than one discipline in a bid year until they issue their actual bids

U.S. History only

Except U.S. History

Pending final decision and/or approval

Effective June 2009, Florida’s state website only reflects core subjects. Districts can purchase non-core subjects; the formal state evaluation and contract process will not be required