Schlumberger 2012 Annual Report - page 5

The Performed by Schlumberger program was introduced in
2002 as a way to recognize projects across the company for
outstanding teamwork, innovation, quality, and business
impact for our customers. In 2012 there were 635 project
nominations, from which the Middle East Regional Journey
Management Center (RJMC) was selected to receive the
highest accolade—the Schlumberger Chief Executive
Officer’s Award. This is the first time that a health, safety,
and environment project has taken the award, reflecting
the tremendous importance that everyone in Schlumberger
places on the protection and safety of our people.
Driving is the work-related activity with the highest risk
in Schlumberger, and research has shown that driver behavior
and lack of compliance to driving standards are the most
common factors contributing to automotive incidents. In the
Middle East, with its many countries and languages, driving
safety is complicated by security, safety, and operational chal-
lenges. To make a step change in driving safety performance,
the Middle East health, safety, and environment (HSE) team
decided to consolidate 17 individual country journey manage-
ment centers into a multilanguage call center. Located in
India, the state-of-the-art center works 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week to monitor and control more than 1,000 vehicle field
trips per day in 15 countries between 176 locations.
This approach has proved effective through making
compliance to Schlumberger journey management and driving
standards a reality. The RJMC operators ensure that every
trip in the Middle East is verified for compliance to journey
management procedures—with higher-risk locations having
stricter controls and standards. The RJMC team then monitors
drivers’ adherence to the plan, and intervenes in real time
when major violations are detected. Feedback is communi-
cated to the drivers to enable them to continuously improve
their performance.
Implementation of the RJMC has reduced the frequency
of automotive accidents in the Middle East by 30% and the
number of automotive-related fatalities by 71%. Centralization
of journey management processes in the new center has brought
consistency across the Area. The use of behavioral science to
influence drivers’ attitudes has been a key success factor and
the RJMC continually reinforces safe behavior. Beyond the
immediate benefits of reduced human tragedy, direct driving
costs have fallen significantly and the center continues to
lower its own operating costs as it gains experience.
The RJMC has been recognized across the industry—both
by professional societies and by customers. Its success has
led Schlumberger to begin planning to extend the scope of its
journey management program to cover 65 countries and 25
languages within the next two years as an example of the com-
pany’s leadership in health, safety, and environmental practices.
The Chief Executive Officer’s Award 2012
Teamwork, innovation,
and business impact
Performed by Schlumberger
More than 100 staff in the Regional Journey Management Center
track key trips across the Middle East Area helping Schlumberger
drivers with advice, feedback and road information.
Schlumberger drivers
travel more than
50 million miles per
month in a wide range
of vehicles across
approximately 85 coun-
tries. The journey
management program
will expand over the
next two years to
cover many more
Schlumberger areas
of operations.
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