Schlumberger 2012 Annual Report - page 13

world combined. To address this market, Schlumberger
opened an ESP product center in Tyumen, West
Siberia, in 2006.
Russia poses specific market challenges including
cost and compatibility with local systems. In 2010
Schlumberger introduced the TPS-Line* mid-tier
pump, designed, engineered, and manufactured in
Russia for Russia. The goal of this technology is doing
more with less by elevating pump performance,
quality, and reliability while still meeting the cost and
compatibility requirements of the market. By the end
of 2012, Schlumberger had delivered more than 1,700
TPS-Line pumps to 14 different customers in Russia,
comfortably exceeding the targets set when the
technology was originally launched at the opening of
the Tyumen facility.
Tracking and Modeling Production
With artificial lift systems in nearly every well and the
numbers of instrumented intelligent completion
systems steadily increasing, well and reservoir data
have never been more available or more accessible for
tracking performance, signaling events, and pinpoint-
ing potential problems. Through in-house development
and the recent acquisition of SPT Group, the unique
Schlumberger Avocet* production operations software
platform now offers a robust optimization system
by coupling to modeling software and engineering
The core Avocet platform provides data manage-
ment capable of handling the complexities of produc-
tion operations, where real-time, high-frequency,
date-effective data must be constantly conditioned,
validated, and, where relevant, stored for long-term
use. This capability enables Schlumberger customers
to see a complete picture of their fields over time, but
the benefits do not stop there. For example, when cou-
pled to production simulators, production allocation
engines, or custom advisors, Avocet Integrated Asset
Modeler software turns data into actionable intelli-
gence. It provides the tools needed to rapidly respond
to changing operational conditions and understand the
causes of production discrepancies by streamlining the
reservoir and production system into operational
decision-making and planning workflows that consider
economic impact throughout the life of the field.
Avocet software has three modes of operation. In
Real-Time Mode, customers view the current informa-
tion coming from the field to see how things are going.
In Look-Ahead Mode, the Avocet models run faster to
show what will happen in 1 to 5 hours. And in Scenario
Planning Mode, multiple simulations can be run to find
the optimal conditions for regulating or restoring
production on a series of wells in a field.
No other production operations software comes
close to matching the functionality and breadth of the
Avocet platform across both land and offshore opera-
tions. Using data acquired from real-time-enabled
systems such as intelligent completion and artificial
lift technologies, Avocet software helps identify and
plan the intervention activities that every well will
need over its producing life.
Intervening to Maintain Production
Without exception, all wells require intervention
at some time during their life. Whether to diagnose a
production problem or perform some form of remedial
action, intervention services help optimize well pro-
duction and improve reservoir recovery. Schlumberger
offers a full range of tools and conveyance systems
for production challenges. Each intervention option
provides different advantages.
Slickline services are the most cost-effective inter-
vention technique and have recently undergone a step
change in technology with the introduction of teleme-
try-enabled LIVE digital slickline. Using LIVE technol-
ogy, customers can monitor what is happening
downhole to control operations dynamically.
Continuous depth correlation provides the precision
and certainty needed for even the most complex inter-
ventions, whether logging, perforating, setting, sealing,
or performing mechanical
operations. LIVE technology
substantially improves the effi-
ciency of slickline operations
and minimizes the time that
the well is off production.
Coiled tubing services make
it possible to deploy equipment
in wells with complex geome-
try while also pumping the flu-
ids required during certain
Whether to diagnose a
production problem or
perform some form of
remedial action,
intervention services
help optimize well
production and improve
reservoir recovery.
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