Schlumberger 2012 Annual Report - page 12

Top, Schlumberger Well Intervention
Services Digital Slickline Operator
Raul Torres prepares a LIVE digital slick-
line services data crane truck unit for a
job near Poza Rica, Mexico. In the cen-
ter, Manufacturing Engineer Luis Martin
assembles LIVE technology digital
control release tools and to the left,
Electronic Engineers Claude Coquelin
and Axel Quignard test LIVE circuit board
designs in laboratory facilities near
Roissy, France.
Slickline services fill an important role in maintaining production efficiently and cost-
effectively. As the market leader, Schlumberger offers the largest fleet of units in the
industry and an extensive range of services including LIVE* digital slickline technology that
enables the wellsite engineer to monitor and control operations dynamically with accurate
depth correlation. The capabilities of LIVE technology support well interventions that
previously required use of both slickline and wireline units—each with its own crew.
By performing the complete scope of work, a single LIVE unit and crew cuts logistics
and staffing requirements by half and reduces risk while saving rig time. In some cases,
particularly offshore, additional savings are possible owing to the smaller equipment
footprint and lower weight.
In the development of LIVE technology—acquired through the purchase of Geoservices in
2010—engineers applied digital telemetry to slickline services to expand their application
to perforating, production logging, and production monitoring operations. By using digital
telemetry, LIVE technology allows commands and data communication between surface
and downhole without compromising
mechanical integrity. This engineering
breakthrough has expanded slickline
capability by offering accurate depth
correlation, tool status information
and tool control in real time. This
brings greater real-time decision-
making capability to intervention
services as well as providing
operational confidence.
Digital Slickline
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