2011 Annual Report

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    • To help the world grow the food it needs — that's the mission of The Mosaic Company. We believe in it. It inspires our decisions. But fulfilling that mission and achieving our success doesn't just happen...

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    • Over the 30 years of my career in agriculture, the visibility and appreciation for Mosaic's mission has increased dramatically. Agriculture is entering a new green revolution, emerging as one of the global...

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    • To help the world grow the food it needs — that's the mission of The Mosaic Company. We believe in it. It inspires our decisions. But fulfilling that mission and achieving our success doesn't just happen...

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    • Our goal is to be globally known as the best crop nutrition company. Achieving this recognition takes ambition and accountability to the stakeholders...

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    • Our core values of sustainability and safety, combined with our portfolio of phosphate and potash, our financial strength and our unparalleled global reach help us to achieve our goal of being recognized as the best...

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    • Every day, we strive to deliver what our customers value most — integrity, reliability, flexibility and a deep knowledge of what they need to succeed.

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    • Achieving our goals means achieving higher levels of performance, every day.

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    • Unlocking the opportunities of a global market takes real-time insights — the kind you only get from having your own presence in the world's major agricultural...

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    • True stewardship of our environment and our communities means maximizing the benefits we can obtain today, while developing solutions for...

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    • James T. Prokopanko, James "Joc" O'Rourke, Linda K. Thrasher, Gary "Bo" N. Davis, Richard N. McLellan, Norman B. Beug, Lawrence W. Stranghoener, Richard L. Mack, Cindy C. Redding

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    • Management's Discussion and Analysis of Financial Condition and Results of Operations, Report of Independent Registered Public Accounting Firm, Consolidated Statements of Earnings...

Each customer is unique, but they all have one thing in common. With ever-changing enhancements to crop science and variable farm economics, our customers must be able to anticipate seasonal demand patterns. Our substantial size and expansive global reach allow us to give customers keen agronomic insight and options.

Coamo Agroindustrial Cooperativa, based in Campo Mourão, Paraná, Brazil, was founded in 1970 by 79 farmers. Today, Coamo serves more than 23,000 cooperative members across Brazil, providing agricultural supplies, services and support in marketing members' products. Mosaic helps give Coamo a competitive advantage.

"We view Mosaic as an important crop nutrient supplier because it holds the key raw materials for the manufacturing of these important agricultural supplies and has a worldwide operational structure and scope. Mosaic is a serious and honest company, committed to the Brazilian agricultural development," said Aquiles de Oliveira Dias, Purchase Manager at Coamo. "It is an innovative company, always seeking new solutions for agriculture. Mosaic's products have unsurpassed quality, which helps sales." Luiz Cesar de Souza, Purchase Employee at Coamo, added, "Mosaic can also supply large volumes of products, which is key for large-scale cooperatives like Coamo."

By helping customers analyze past seasons' crop nutrient inventory levels, providing analysis on market trends, and offering pricing and timing flexibility, we help customers better anticipate product needs, balance inventories and manage risk in uncertain markets.

Our collaborative planning with Merschman Seeds, Inc., a seed and agriculture products wholesaler in West Point, Iowa, is a good example of how we partner with our customers. Working together, Merschman and Mosaic take into account Merschman's historical tonnage needs and forecasted regional demand trends to anticipate supply needs for the upcoming season. If those variables change, Mosaic and Merschman are well positioned to adjust.

Henry Merschman, President of Merschman Seeds, said, "Mosaic is an integral part of our company and as important to our operations as our bank, insurance companies and other key business partners. It's a close partnership, and it's reassuring to know I have relationships with people throughout the organization, from sales representatives to upper management."

Educating the farmer on proper crop nutrition is also critical to our customers' success. In response to customer feedback, Mosaic commits substantial resources to balanced crop nutrition education.

Customers like Consolidated Sourcing Solutions (CSS), based in Sioux City, Iowa, benefit from this approach. CSS, a product-sourcing partnership formed by three regional farmer cooperatives, relies heavily on our agronomic insight, premium products and farmer education resources.

Gary Voichahoske, Vice President of CSS, said, "Mosaic develops products that fit our specific geographic area. But Mosaic also gives us the educational support to help our co-op members really understand the impact that balanced crop nutrition approaches have."

Potash and other premium crop nutrition products from Mosaic help customers achieve maximum yields from every acre.