Executive Management Team
Board of Directors
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Executive Management Team

  • Brian T. Moynihan*

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Catherine P. Bessant

    Global Technology and
    Operations Executive

  • David C. Darnell*

    Co-Chief Operating Officer

  • Anne M. Finucane

    Global Strategy and
    Marketing Officer

  • Christine P. Katziff

    Corporate General Auditor

  • Terrence P. Laughlin*

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Gary G. Lynch*

    Global Chief of Legal, Compliance
    and Regulatory Relations

  • Thomas K. Montag*

    Co-Chief Operating Officer

  • Charles H. Noski

    Vice Chairman

  • Edward P. O'Keefe*

    General Counsel

  • Andrea B. Smith

    Global Head of Human Resources

  • Ron D. Sturzenegger

    Legacy Asset Servicing Executive

  • Bruce R. Thompson*

    Chief Financial Officer

* Executive Officer