Photo of Shameka Hillage

Shameka HillageBanking Center Manager —
Consumer Banking

I started with the bank as a part-time teller in August 2001, learning about our customers and the company and volunteering with teammates to support our community. Now, I also provide feedback to our leaders regarding our customers' needs and how we can serve them better. Our customers see the difference in what we have to offer and they let us know about it. They know we're here to help them, and when we do, they want to bring us more of their business.

"Why Should I Bank with Bank of America?"

"We offer the best in banking convenience, clarity and choice, through solutions that meet consumers' needs at every stage of their financial lives."

How has consumer banking changed at Bank of America since you joined the company 10 years ago? The biggest change is the technology we have to serve our customers. We have better systems in place today and the transactions are more secure. When a customer visits a banking center, our bankers can take into account the customer's entire relationship with us. This allows us to suggest options they may not have considered. And that's critical, because what hasn't changed is our commitment to do the right thing for our customers every day, making sure we listen to them, meet their needs and delight them with the products and services we provide.

What would you say your customers need now? I don't just work in Beltsville, Md., I live in the area, so the customers I work with every day are my friends, neighbors and members of my church. They want to be treated fairly. While they appreciate that we are a large company with a lot to offer, they want us to know them — who they are and what they need — and to offer them solutions that are simple, convenient, reliable and backed by great service. They want us to be candid and clear about how they can get the most value from what we provide. When my customers walk into the banking center, I want them to know that we are here to help them with whatever they need, whether that's cashing a check, applying for a loan or learning how to use online banking.

What makes Bank of America unique? Convenience is very important to my customers and they tell me they really appreciate the fact that they can bank with us in a way that's best for them, whether that's by visiting one of our banking centers, using an ATM, or banking online or with a mobile phone. By introducing new ways to bank with us, I can spend more time working with customers to make sure we are up to date on what they need and how their goals may have changed, so I can be sure they have the best products and services for them.

Customers understand we can do more than provide them with banking, credit card and savings products. We do those things very well, but we also can place them with the right specialists for other needs, helping them through every stage of life. We can serve their needs on a mortgage so they can buy their first home. We provide great tools and research through Merrill Edge™ for their investing needs, along with access to a financial services advisor for help and guidance so they can invest for the future and pursue their retirement goals. And if a customer wants to start a business, our small business bankers can offer advice and tools to manage cash flow, payroll and credit needs. We're working every day to simplify what we do so it's easy for our customers to get what they need from us.