Photo of John (Jeff) Erdmann III

John (Jeff) Erdmann IIISenior Vice President — Wealth Management
Private Wealth Advisor

I believe Merrill Lynch's greatest strength is our ability to offer solutions to our clients in a variety of positions on the wealth spectrum. I've been in this business for more than 27 years and it's gratifying to be able to work with the children and grandchildren of clients I helped early in my career.

"How can you help us grow and preserve what we've earned?"

"Our more than 18,000 wealth advisors work with clients to understand the challenges they face, and design sophisticated, customized strategies to help them meet their goals."

Can you give an example of how you served a Merrill Lynch Wealth Management client with a broad range of needs? We recently helped a private business owner sell his company, advising on the ramifications to the family of handling a large infusion of cash. For example, we brought in teammates across Bank of America and Merrill Lynch to help with tax minimization strategies, philanthropic goals and ways to finance the grandchildren's education. Now we can help the client manage the assets of all three generations by providing financial guidance to each family member, including access to credit solutions. In this instance, we help with all aspects of the client's finances, including online bill pay and banking needs, trust and foundation services and portfolio strategies.

Why is it important for investors to have a financial advisor? An investor's wealth management, banking and even legacy needs are all interrelated, and it is critical that the investor has an advisor who understands those needs and can offer a broad range of solutions. In wealth management, we evaluate income, mortgage needs and other factors, and then assess cash flow needs to help determine an appropriate mix of investment and risk strategies for the client's goals. We also conduct due diligence on external investment managers. Private banking needs could include cash management, bill pay and credit needs, where convenience, efficiency and attention to detail are critical. And as a financial advisor to the family, I understand a client's legacy needs and offer guidance on ways of managing wealth over multiple generations. Being part of a large global franchise is a beneficial way for me to provide this in-depth expertise.

What does the strength of Bank of America banking and Merrill Lynch investing enable you to provide your clients? We have access to the resources that enable me to deliver the financial tools my clients need — but what truly sets us apart is our ability to work as a team on behalf of each of our clients. Clients value our abilities and our investment management and guidance team, which conducts rigorous due diligence so we can offer access to some of the leading money managers across investment categories. By understanding each client's full range of needs, we can identify ways to provide access to services and solutions, including credit, trust and global banking capabilities. All of these considerations make it convenient for clients to have access to more financial products and services.