The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. 2009 Annual Report

In this brief review of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities, we have focused on describing our efforts in the following areas: Our Employees, Global Philanthropy, Sustainable Packaging, Science and Safety, Environmental Stewardship and Supply Chain. This summary serves as a precursor to our CSR report, which will be available online in fiscal 2010.

Leonard A. Lauder as Principal-For-A-Day at The Bronx High School of Science, May, 2009. Evelyn H. Lauder in her office at ELC headquarters in NYC, previewing the 2009 BCA Campaign Pink Products. William P. Lauder in Denver, CO at the groundbreaking for an organic garden at an elementary school in support of the Grand Opening of Origins at Cherry Creek North, September, 2008. Jane Lauder at Origins Benefit Event at Opening of Origins at Cherry Creek North in Denver, CO, September, 2008. Aerin Lauder at the Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day at ELC Headquarters in NYC, 2002.


When it comes to our responsibility as corporate citizens, we see ourselves as active students, caretakers, participants and innovators. Each and every day we imagine new ways to integrate our corporate sustainability and citizenship practices into our business. Our idea is simple - to be responsible citizens and partners to the communities and consumers we touch every day. We recognize these practices are of great social and economic importance to our employees, our customers and our consumers.

Mrs. Estée Lauder founded our Company in 1946 armed with four products and an unshakeable belief that every woman can be beautiful. Part of her legacy lies in the products and brands she created and the other part is reflected in the culture of values, quality, style and unsurpassed service that has made The Estée Lauder Companies a global leader in prestige beauty. She had a personal impact on everyone she met and was determined that no matter how much we grew as a Company, our continued success would rely on our commitment of "Bringing the Best to Everyone We Touch." That is the same philosophy that continues to guide our efforts in preserving our natural resources and caring for the communities we work with around the world.

To ensure the long-term success of our Company, the High-Touch aspect of our business is integrated into all our day-to-day business activities. We recognize that our road to corporate responsibility and sustainability presents unprecedented and exciting opportunities for us to grow and learn.

As one of the world's leading manufacturers of prestige beauty products, we continually demonstrate our responsibility through our brands, in our offices around the world and as individuals. Over the years, our brands and employees have adopted their own unique approaches and causes, such as the M·A·C AIDS Fund, Aveda's innovative and sustainable packaging and our valuable employee volunteer programs in local communities. Our Company-wide successes include offsetting with renewable credits 100 percent of our energy use in our Global Operations facilities, significant advances in reducing packaging waste, and our continuing commitment to local and global philanthropic initiatives.


In 1991, we formally established an environmental sustainability program and in 2007 we published our first CSR report providing insight into our larger commitment to all of our stakeholders. Since our CSR report was published, we have worked hard to make progress in meeting the goals and objectives set forth in that report.

As we continue to implement our new corporate strategy, outlined in the Annual Report pages, our commitment to the environment and the communities we work with will become even more important to our business. We will continue to learn from the best practices of our brands and employees to unite and strengthen our efforts across brands, regions and functions as we strive to:

  • Provide consumers with innovative cosmetic products of the highest quality
  • Deliver outstanding service by treating each individual as we ourselves would like to be treated
  • Create an environment that fosters personal growth and well-being
  • Build partnerships with our suppliers, retailers and colleagues based on fairness and trust
  • Pursue profit, but never at the expense of quality, safety, service or reputation
  • Eliminate waste and reduce inefficiencies in order to provide maximum value to our customers and consumers
  • Be responsible citizens in every community we serve

We are proud of the progress we have made to date and we recognize that we have opportunity for growth. We are committed to constantly improving our results.