2012 Annual Report: The Roots of Our Success

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Our vision is to be recognized as the best crop nutrition company in the world. It’s an ambitious goal, but we believe we have the assets, resources, talent, global reach and innovative thinking to achieve it. We’ve established metrics to measure our progress as we strive to demonstrate accountability to each of our stakeholders — customers, employees, shareholders and communities. In fiscal 2012, we continued to make steady headway, even as challenges remain.

Mosaic serves customers with unmatched attention to their needs — with deep agronomic expertise, close relationships and innovative products. To be recognized as the best crop nutrition company in the world, we need to maintain this advantage and extend it to more customers around the world. Our goals are to maintain our position as the #1 global supplier of combined phosphate and potash crop nutrients, and to achieve an excellent “net promoter score,” a measure of customer loyalty. In 2012, we met both of these goals: we’re by far the largest producer of two crucial crop nutrients, and we improved our net promoter score from “satisfactory” to “excellent.”