2012 Annual Report: The Roots of Our Success

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Iowa-based Farmers Cooperative Company (FC) prizes innovation. As the largest farmer-owned agriculture cooperative in the state, FC delivers fertilizer, feed and other products to over 5,000 co-op farmers. But its focus on agronomic support for farmers sets it apart. In Mosaic, FC sees a like-minded innovator.

“Our farmers are very progressive,” said Kirk Johnson, Sales Manager for FC. “They operate on some of the richest farmland in the world. To generate a sufficient return on such valuable land means they need to look for the best technologies and insights to maximize their yields. We’ve found that Mosaic’s emphasis on bringing their global insights on agricultural trends down to the field level here in Iowa is indispensable. Based on their view of season-to-season trends, they help us time our fertilizer purchases at a lower cost and provide a better price to our customers.”

Johnson added, “When you combine two organizations that emphasize agronomic support of the farmer, global trends and premium fertilizer products — most notably MicroEssentials® — you get something that’s pretty powerful for our members. Our farmers are thrilled about MicroEssentials®. When we began bringing this product to our famers, we could easily spot the yield improvements with the naked eye.”

That’s not surprising to Mosaic, as agronomic studies have shown up to a 7-percent improvement in yield for our MicroEssentials® product.