2012 Annual Report: The Roots of Our Success

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Innovation also drives our efficiency and sustainability initiatives. Mosaic’s electrical cogeneration capabilities stand out. Electrical cogeneration converts waste heat from the fertilizer manufacturing process into carbon-free electricity to power our operations, vastly reducing our need to purchase electricity from public utilities. Within our Phosphates operations, cogeneration today supplies more than 60 percent of the electricity needed to operate. Mosaic engineers are busy developing next-generation heat-recovery generators to take it even further.

“This is not off-the-shelf technology, it’s true innovation,” said Joe Schneider, Director of Engineering. “Mosaic does everything — the design engineering, fabricating and procuring the right equipment, right through to implementation.” The new generators will supply an additional 20MW capacity of carbon free-electrical energy on their way to Mosaic’s end goal — to produce as much electrical energy as is consumed within Mosaic’s Phosphates operations by 2015. Today, Mosaic saves approximately $100 million in annual energy costs from cogeneration. That’s just the start.

“If there was ever an operational win-win for Mosaic, it’s cogeneration,” adds Schneider. “We’re simultaneously becoming more energy self-sufficient, enhancing our cost-curve position and improving our competitiveness. It’s hard to top that.”