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2006 Annual Report


Strategic Risk Management

We use an integrated planning process to help manage strategic risk. A key component of the planning process aligns strategies, goals, tactics and resources throughout the enterprise. The process begins with the creation of a corporate-wide business plan which incorporates an assessment of the strategic risks. This business plan establishes the corporate strategic direction. The planning process then cascades through the business units, creating business unit plans that are aligned with the Corporation's strategic direction. At each level, tactics and metrics are identified to measure success in achieving goals and assure adherence to the plans. As part of this process, the business units continuously evaluate the impact of changing market and business conditions, and the overall risk in meeting objectives. See the Operational Risk Management section for a further description of this process. Corporate Audit in turn monitors, and independently reviews and evaluates, the plans and measurement processes.

One of the key tools we use to manage strategic risk is economic capital allocation. Through the economic capital allocation process, we effectively manage each business unit's ability to take on risk. Review and approval of business plans incorporates approval of economic capital allocation, and economic capital usage is monitored through financial and risk reporting. Economic capital allocation plans for the business units are incorporated into the Corporation's operating plan that is approved by the Board on an annual basis.