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2006 Annual Report

Bruce L.

Bank of America
Card Services
Gregory L. Curl
Vice Chairman of Corporate Development
J. Steele Alphin
Chief Administrative
Bruce L. Hammonds, President, Bank of America Card Services, Gregory L. Curl, Vice Chairman of Corporate Development, and J. Steele Alphin, Chief Administrative Officer

How We're Growing

Senior executives discuss how Bank of America can grow through branding, strategic investments and product innovation.


How will the bank's new brand positioning support your growth strategies?

J. Steele Alphin:

Any investment we make in brand marketing has one purpose — to drive the growth of our company.

The Bank of America brand is one of our most valued resources, and a promise we must keep to those who do business with us.

In 2003, we introduced Higher Standards™ as a way of telling people about how we operate. We made it clear that we hold ourselves to higher standards of service, performance and integrity in all we do every day. That commitment will never change.

It's time, however, to move beyond the phrase Higher Standards — which tells people how we do our work — to a message of opportunity, which tells people what we can do for them. Opportunity reflects the power that our knowledge, scale and diversity of products and services allows us to bring to each relationship, and it communicates the unique strengths and capabilities of our businesses.

The new platform will be prominent in all we do: from marketing products and services, to our voice in the community and public policy, to our relationships with the investment community and our own associates. Strongly aligned with specific business objectives, our new brand messaging clearly conveys the opportunity Bank of America brings to each individual and community we touch.

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