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2006 Annual Report

Banking and Investing With a Personal Touch

Ted and Carolyn Tyler relax at the beach
Clients Ted and Carolyn Tyler relax at the beach. They manage investments with their financial advisor and personal banker from Premier Banking & Investments.

A team approach provides clients with a full range of tailored solutions for their financial needs.

Like many affluent Americans, Ted Tyler, an architect and business owner in California, needed more personalized financial services. "When I first started my business 40 years ago, I was dealing with small banks, primarily because I had the impression that only they could really give you personal service," said Tyler. "That was true in some cases, but not always." Then Tyler tried Bank of America's Premier Banking & Investments™. "It's personal service backed by the resources of a very large bank," explained Tyler.

A dedicated team of professionals serves Tyler's financial needs in one combined and convenient relationship. His financial advisor, Michael Wedemeyer, handles his investment accounts. His personal banker, Bill Kinsey, helps him structure real estate loans, including one that he needed on a moment's notice to purchase an investment property. Together, this local team provides Tyler with the integrated service and financial guidance that would be hard to get if he had to manage his banking and investments at separate institutions.

For Tyler, having everything in one place makes complicated transactions run smoothly and gives him peace of mind. "The ability to transfer funds back and forth is a big plus," he said. "I can phone up Michael and say, 'Transfer this amount from that account to Bill for the loan,' and so forth."

But the greatest advantage for Tyler is that he's now free to focus on his profession. "My passion is my business, which is architecture," Tyler said. "I'm not one of those people who wants to be involved in every financial issue. Michael and Bill handle things for me in a way that I trust, and it just makes my life a lot easier."

As a result of Tyler's great experience at Bank of America, his daughter is now a client of Premier Banking & Investments, too. The Tyler family shows how Bank of America grows: When we earn the confidence of our customers, they choose us for other products and services, and they pass along the good word to the people they care about.

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G. Patrick Phillips, President, Premier Banking & Investments
G. Patrick Phillips, President, Premier Banking & Investments
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