Helping Keep Homeowners at Home

The housing crisis affected homeowners in U.S. Bank markets and across the nation. U.S. Bank is dedicated to educating our customers about mortgage assistance options available. The Making Home Affordable Program of the U.S. Treasury Department allows eligible borrowers to refinance or modify their mortgage loans, resulting in more affordable payments. U.S. Bank participates in this program and fully supports efforts to help families.

Two programs offered through Making Home Affordable are the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) and Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). There are specific eligibility criteria, and our loan specialists work with customers to ascertain their eligibility for these Treasury Department programs. If our customers are not eligible, other U.S. Bank options may help — such as U.S. Bank repayment plans with installment payments to catch up on past-due amounts and supplemental hardship loan modifications that may include an interest rate reduction and/or term extension. Another option is a partial-claim plan for FHA-insured loans that advance repayable funds to bring the mortgage current.

Every customer is important to us

On this page, we share excerpts from home mortgage customers who have sought help from U.S. Bank during a particularly difficult period when they were concerned about the possibility of losing their family homes.

Our mortgage assistance employees use every means possible to keep our customers in their homes and treat every homeowner with professionalism, dignity and respect. Not every case can be resolved with a happy ending. But many can, and we work tirelessly to maximize favorable outcomes for our customers.

Helping Homeowners