Though the Mosaic supply chain begins with mineral deposits below ground, we are ever mindful that value is created only when these minerals are applied as essential crop nutrients. In order for this to occur, product and price, destination and delivery must align. This makes for a complex global supply chain – one that is optimized through a network of distribution channels that span the globe and close customer partnerships that differentiate Mosaic from among its peers.

North American Leadership

The strength of Mosaic's customer relationships is evident in North America. Product is sold through two distinct marketing channels – retailers and distributors. Given that potash and phosphate production operates year round and that customers primarily ship product to farms twice annually, collaborative planning and forecasting is key. In recent years, Mosaic has deployed a successful marketing program built around creating mutual benefits and efficiencies in the supply chain with its customers.

Global Reach

Beyond North America, Mosaic products reach farmers around the world through a combination of company-owned assets and our participation in export associations. We export our potash mined in Canada through Canpotex, the export association of Saskatchewan potash producers. Canpotex has announced plans to nearly double its port capacity by the end of 2012 in order to keep pace with the growing global demand for potash and expanding production. For phosphate, Mosaic distributes product internationally through PhosChem, an export association of the two largest North American phosphate producers.

Mosaic also owns assets to further distribute its crop nutrients in nearly all of the key agricultural regions of the world. We maintain our own sales force in 10 countries for customers that range from cooperatives to dealers to individual farmers, depending on the country. Company-owned blenders, warehouses and ports are present in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India and Mexico. As part of its customer-centric culture, Mosaic also maintains one of the largest in-house agronomy teams in the world, with agronomists in 10 countries to assist farmers in their efforts to increase and sustain optimal crop yields.

Local Presence

Premium Products With Global Growth Potential


K Mag Logo

K-Mag® is a premium crop nutrient that contains potassium, magnesium and sulfur in a properly balanced mix. This unique nutrient is mined in and processed near Carlsbad, New Mexico, from the world's largest and purest deposits of langbeinite ore. Already in the marketplace for 70 years, K-Mag® enjoys strong growth prospects in Latin America and Asia.

MicroEssentials Logo

Our premium and patented MicroEssentials® family of products combines phosphate and other essential nutrients, such as sulfur, into a single granule that can be customized to meet the particular soil needs of a given region. In Chile, for example, a MicroEssentials® product developed for volcanic soils is in the testing stage. In Brazil, another product has been developed to meet the unique nutrient needs of soybeans grown in tropical climates.

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