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42nd Annual Howard Weil Energy Conference
Paal Kibsgaard
Thank you and good morning ladies and gentlemen.
Let me start by thanking Howard Weil and Bill Sanchez in particular for the invitation to speak here
In my talk, I would like to cover four main subjects.
First, I will give you our perspective on the current financial challenges facing the entire E&P
industry and how we, through our various transformation programs, are working on converting these
challenges into unique growth opportunities for Schlumberger.
Second, I will elaborate on one of our key transformation programs, namely technology innovation and
development, and show you how this program which was kicked-off 6 years ago now, is starting to have
a significant impact on our R&E performance.
Third, I will demonstrate how we, through focused execution, are already starting to convert our
ongoing transformation programs into differentiated financial performance which should further
strengthen in the coming years.
And fourth, I will review how our markets are evolving so far in 2014 and give you a business update,
both in terms of Q1 expectations, as well as the full year outlook.
Schlumberger CEO
Paal Kibsgaard
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